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The Voice

The Voice Tour


Hey guys, do you want to see or meet Christina? Now is your chance. The Voice is going on tour around some American cities and Toronto in Canada. If you got an opportunity to get to these cities while The Voice tour is performing there, don’t miss your chance! Normal and VIP (Meet & Greet) tickets are available. More info at

The Voice Results

Hi Team Grimmie and anyone who is reading this. As you might know, Christina didn’t win. She actually ended on the 3rd place which is kinda weird but as I said on my twitter, show must go on and Christina will be the winner for me no matter the results. Anyway, let’s get back to The Voice, Christina sang All of the Stars in a duet with Ed Sheeran. The biggest thing that happened was that Adam Levine said that he will sign a label in case that Christina won’t win, and because of that, Christina will be able to do music under Adam Levine’s label.

My thanks goes to Adam Levine, the best coach that Christina can ever have and to Lauren & Sarah & Bria for their amazing support :) You rawwk!

All of the Stars duet with Ed Sheeran

The Voice winner annoucement

Christina’s exit interview

The Voice Finals

It’s here, Christina can become the winner of The Voice if we can help her.

Buy & Download these songs from iTunes

  1. Can’t Help Falling In Love
  2. Wrecking Ball
  3. Somebody That I Used To Know

Call ten times to +1855642301 via Skype, vote on NBC Site or send SMS “1” to number “8642”.

As it was mentioned, Christina sang Can’t Help Falling In Love, Wrecking Ball and Somebody That I Used To Know as a duet with Adam Levigne.


Christina is in Top 3

The Voice - Season 6

Christina is moving to finals! Even though voting results could not send her straight to finals, we were able to #VoiceSave her. According to  The Voice results, Christina reached 70% of all #VoiceSave votes. #VoiceSave Christina were even trending worldwide. Big thanks goes to Justin Bieber’s tweet and Selena Gomez’s tweet who helped to save her.

A special thanks goes to coach Adam Levine, he said that if people save Christina, she will win The Voice.

Anyway, Christina sang Apologise by Timbaland & One Republic.

PS: During today’s The Voice Christina gained 29000 more followers!


Some Nights & Hide And Seek

The Voice - Season 6

Hey Team Grimmie, another episode of The Voice is out. Christina sang Some Nights by Fun and Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap. You can vote for her via skype ( +18558642305 ), you can buy her songs on iTunes ( Hide And Seek \|/ Some Nights ), you can vote via NBC The Voice page.

Some Nights ( Studio Version here )

Hide And Seek ( Studio version here )

Here is some Behind The Voice footage

And some photos