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Europe Tour

Europe tour week #4 recapitulation

So, the last week of Christina’s Europe tour is gone, this time she was in 7 cities in England – Brighton, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Unfortunately, there are only few videos uploaded to YouTube so I made only one playlist.

I really hope that Christina enjoyed her Europe tour so we can see her again in the near future (next year?).

Anyway, here is the playlist, enjoy !

Europe tour week #1 recapitulation

Hey guys, I’d like to do a recap about the first week of Europe tour.

This week Christina performed in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. She met a lot of Team Grimmie Frands who took some lovely videos from the toor.

I’ve been collecting those videos to my YouTube playlists so you can easily play them all from one place. Every country will have it’s own playlist.

Let’s have a look what did I found from this week.