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Demo songs

We know about 7 tracks that Christina recorded. Those ones that are listed here leaked in various times over the course of past years.

Christina always wanted to share love through music. Those songs never got official public release, but are worth listening to.

We do not allow downloads of these songs. 

  • Fictional Love
  • Colorblind
  • Supernova (feat. Sojo)
  • Ain’t That The Truth
  • Temptation
  • The Game – this is a demo version of the song that has been later released as a part of Side B EP
  • Criminal – this was released as a KPop song called Cherry Pop by AOA (Christina is listed as a composer)


Thanks to @chrisgrimmiebra for additional info.

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  1. Anonymous

    I miss her ♥

    1. azy

      I miss her too.. t

  2. grimmie girl

    Her family is putting out new music soon. It going to be her new ep March seventeenth. Get ready team grimmie. Keep on Rawken!!!

    1. grimmie girl

      It is coming out march 17. Sorry for the bad spelling.

  3. grimmie girl

    I got a Christina grimmie shirt, and her headphones on amazon and the shirt did not come for two months. I had no idea you could buy them on her website. Crazy stuff I didn’t know so glad her family is selling shirts now.

  4. PandaJoy

    i wish these were on itunes. this is part of grimmie and some of Team Grimmie don’t even know of these 7 songs. :'(

    1. euteamgrimmie (Post author)

      I can imagine those songs being released in upcoming albums. It would be amazing for sure, Christina put hard work into writing those lyrics and it would be sad that only a small part of audience got to hear it.

  5. Anonymous

    colorblind is my fav . great stuff .

  6. s shafiq

    Christina Grimmie I love yu with all my heart always and forever baby girl. Yur voice is undescribable and yu r just so so so amazing more than words can ever say. Wish I knew u earlier Christina grimmie. All of yur songs are awesome and yur covers are a billion times better than the original. Never loved any celeb as much as I love u.

  7. Daniel

    Can we have like the lyrics of Temptation and Ain’t That The Truth? Please! :(

    1. euteamgrimmie (Post author)

      I’ll see what I can do ^^

      1. Daniel

        Thank you so much! I would really appreciate it. ♥

  8. Eddy

    I hope these tacks are released real soon cause they RAWWK \!/ :-)

  9. Tia

    Love that her music is still ongoing!!! Grammys here she comes! #AllIsVanity

  10. Michaela

    Aint that the truth is my fav song ever.

  11. Kelly

    I miss Christina so much.

  12. babyturtle

    these songs are amazing i miss Christina with my life

  13. Kenny

    WOW! What a fantastic blessing from God! An early Christmas present for 2018 that I will always treasure! Everything about Christina and her music is pure genius! Thank you, always! I hope that all of these songs will eventually appear on her future CDs.

  14. ennoABC

    Do you know the background of the song “Colorblind”?


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