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The Voice Results

Hi Team Grimmie and anyone who is reading this. As you might know, Christina didn’t win. She actually ended on the 3rd place which is kinda weird but as I said on my twitter, show must go on and Christina will be the winner for me no matter the results. Anyway, let’s get back to The Voice, Christina sang All of the Stars in a duet with Ed Sheeran. The biggest thing that happened was that Adam Levine said that he will sign a label in case that Christina won’t win, and because of that, Christina will be able to do music under Adam Levine’s label.

My thanks goes to Adam Levine, the best coach that Christina can ever have and to Lauren & Sarah & Bria for their amazing support :) You rawwk!

All of the Stars duet with Ed Sheeran

The Voice winner annoucement

Christina’s exit interview

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