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Interview w/ Christina by Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel recently posted an interview with Christina about The Voice Tour. I will quote the whole interview so you don’t have to go to another page.

Good thing is that she mentioned her upcoming album so we have something to look forward :).


When the “Voice” tour pulls into Orlando on June 27, it will give fans a good overview of the show.

Season five champ Tessanne Chin and season six winner Josh Kaufman will sing at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre. So will the runners-up to Kaufman this past season: country singer Jake Worthington and YouTube favorite Christina Grimmie. The lineup also includes “Voice” alumni Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin and Dia Frampton.

Grimmie talked about the 31-show tour recently; it begins Saturday in San Antonio.

How are preparations for the tour going?

I’ve been on tour before with Selena Gomez. It’s probably going to be a much different tour. I’ll be one of headliners. It’ll be a lot busier now there’s nine of us headlining the tour. It will be a good kind of busy, meeting fans.

You’re proof that you don’t have to win a show to come out a winner.

I would like to agree. People used to say, ‘Why is she going to be on the show? It’s unfair’ [because of her YouTube fame]. I came in third, I did not win. That should show everyone. Jake and I were happy [for Kaufman]. We’re just thrilled to be on tour. We’re happy Josh won. As soon as my name was called [for second runner-up], I was at peace. I’m more than ecstatic for the three of us. I think we’ll have great careers.

“Voice” mentor Adam Levine offered to sign you to his label. Where does that stand?

We’re not exactly sure yet. We’re talking to several labels.

Any idea how soon we might see an album from you?

My goal is as soon as possible. That’s always been my thing. It never happened with my last albums. It took forever to put them out. Now there is no time to waste. I want to go on tour — even during tour to get a single out. Maybe by Christmastime I’ll have something. 

What kind of boost did you gain from “The Voice”?

Oh, my word, it’s helping a lot. I’ve had a massive follower jump on Twitter. When blind auditions started, I had 377,000 on Twitter. Now I have 600,000 from having that platform. Out in public it’s harder to walk around. It’s so much different from before. God bless that show. They’ve been amazing to us. I’m shocked. I didn’t know a TV show could do that boost. All the contestants, we learned so much, the knowledge we’ve all gained. I speak for all of us. You couldn’t have learned that elsewhere. From our coaches, you can’t learn that anywhere else. It’s an industry boot camp.

What was your best performance during the show?

My best and favorite was “Hold on We’re Going Home” by Drake. I got to put my entire being into that. Adam loved it.

Will you sing it on the tour?

I can’t give anything away.

Your song with Ed Sheeran on the final, “All of the Stars,” was  impressive.

That was so fun. I was very starstruck. I hope to sing with him again one day and write with him. If he ever wanted to call me, I’d be, ‘l’m there, Ed.’

What was the “Voice” experience like?

Oh my goodness, the most exhausting, amazing boot campy thing. Oh my. 

What do you say about the power of YouTube?

YouTube was my career. That was all I was known for, the YouTube girl. It was fun. YouTube is the new way to go, instead of walking into a label. You put it on YouTube and gain fans. I’ve been there five years.

What has Selena Gomez’s mentoring meant to you?

She taught me a lot mental advice for being on the show and carrying yourself. She’s very professional. Whenever I would mess up, she’d tell me the key is not to announce you’ve messed up. Just keep going, be professional. I’m glad she gave me that advice. Selena invited me on her tour two, three years ago. If I didn’t have that experience, I don’t know how well I would have done on “The Voice.”

Why so?

They said I knew how to work a stage. I had to learn that and work at it. I wasn’t good at how to work a stage. I would just stand there. When I went on tour with Selena, I got the experience of working an audience. It prepared me for “The Voice.”

You did covers on “The Voice”; what can we expect from you? 

I write all the time. I’m writing now more than ever. That’s what I’m going to be doing on my upcoming album. On tour I’ll be doing covers. It’s a “Voice” tour. You have to give people what they want. After that, I want to put covers to the side and focus on my stuff.

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