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Rest In Peace Christina, you will never be forgotten ♥

The Matchbreaker LA premiere & Streamy’s tribute

Yesterday was a big day, Streamy awards paid tribute to Christina and The Matchbreaker had a premiere in LA.

Let’s start with the tribute. It began with Shane Dawson talking about how he met Christina for the first time and how she impressed him. He spoke about her dream to have one of her songs be someone’s favorite song.

“She might be physically gone now but her music will forever continue to make people feel accepted, not judged, and not alone.”

– Shane Dawson during the Streamy’s tribute

The tribute continued with Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider medley of Christina’s songs and covers that she was famous for. Just A Dream, I Bet You Don’t Curse God, Find Me, Liar Liar, Stay With Me, Advice and With Love were among them. The tribute ended with Christina’s With Love performance from #askgrimmie about With Love album livestream.


The Matchbreaker & new music confirmed

Hey guys,

so, Brian tweeted about some news. The Matchbreaker release is nearing October 7th is the release day in selected theaters. Also, there will be two premieres – Oct. 4th in LA and Oct. 6th at Kansas City.

Check your local cinema or make a request at

But, the big news is that it is officially confirmed, Christina’s new music will be coming out. I am so excited about it and I’m looking forward to share more info with you guys.

Anyways, here is the original tweet, keep rawwking, Christina is proud of every single on of you.

Mark revealed new album details

As I mentioned before, Mark revealed that there might be an album release.  He said it during his Twitch stream.

Here is what’s confirmed:

  • It is not Side B as I though, it is going to be separate album
  • We will be able to buy physical & digital copies (maybe vinyls)
  • There is over 40 recorded songs
    • We don’t know how many songs will be on the album itself
    • (Those are not the leaked songs (Temptation, Ain’t The Truth etc.))

Feel free to watch it yourself, it starts at roughly 5:25:15 and ends at 5:29:00


The Voice tribute to Christina

“The first episode of the new season of The Voice premiered on Sunday night and all four coaches, Adam, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, paid tribute to Christina. They put their voices together belting out an amazing rendition of “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

At the end of their performance, the screen went black and the words, “In loving memory of our friend Christina Grimmie,” showed up.”

J-14 magazine


As I tweeted earlier, they said “The show also has plans to honor Christina Grimmie at some point over the course of the season”. We shall see if they will do something else in the following weeks.


Snow White part of #BalladOfJessicaBlue

One word: stunning 

First part of Ballad of Jessica Blue is on Christina’s YouTube channel.

In this part Christina plays Jessica Blue, who is struggling with her art and her boyfriend and asks her friends for advice.

The video has 50k views and 11k likes just 1 hour after release. I really can’t express how proud I am of Christina. She worked so hard and this just proves it.

Let’s trend #BalladOfJessicaBlue and #ChristinaGrimmie 💙 💚


Teen Choice results and conclusion

Screenshot 2016-08-01 10.09.38

Teen Choice Awards, the contest that Christina always wanted to win. Yesterday, the dream finally came true.
Although there were some controversy about the way the results were presented.
They never mentioned her category during the show, they didn’t even mention her in “Stop gun violence tribute“, which was the perfect spot to honor her in front of the audience. In my opinion, TeenChoice lost a huge audience because of those actions. Washington Post wrote an article about this issue and Billboard reached out to Fox and the Teen Choice Awards for comment.
Nevertheless, Christina won and that’s what matters the most. I’m sure that she would be so thankful for it.

Mark was streaming on Twitch, this is reaction of her parents when they realized that Christina won. 💚



Update August 2: We achieved a spectacular thing. Multiple well-known newspapers wrote about our disagreement of Teen Choice’s way to fail to give a tribute to Christina.

MTV / DailyMail / Cosmopolitan / Billboard / Washington Post / The Huffington Post

Thanks for noticing and addressing this issue.