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Grimmie Thursday

Nostalgic item announced & The Grimmies met Skrillex

Hey guys! The nostalgic item we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

What’s included in the box?

  • Limited Collectors Edition Keepsake Box
  • “All Is Vanity” Vinyl Album with Green LP
  • Limited Collectors Edition T-Shirt ( Seems like only L size T-shirt is available )
  • Limited Collectors Edition 24×20 Poster
  • Commemorative Christina Grimmie Hair Band

You can purchase the bundle through Christina’s store. The price is $ 89 + shipping costs.




Also, the Grimmies fulfilled one of Christina’s dreams, she was always a huge fan of Skrillex and wanted to meet him. I wonder whether they work together on something music related.

Grimmie Thursdays are back

Hey guys! Christina’s team gave us a big present today. Do you remember Christina’s youtube cover of “Halo” by Beyoncé? It was taken down a long time ago but.. you can now enjoy it once again! And there’s more to come ♥ They will be re-releasing more every other Thursday. Be sure to check #GrimmieThursday Youtube playlist to see what’s up.

Also, Marcus Grimmie did an interview with Hollywood Life about the inaugural event of the Christina Grimmie Foundation, he mentioned that they want it to be an annual event so don’t worry, if you can’t make it this time, you will have another chance! We will see some never seen before content ( *crossing fingers from Cry Wolf* ) and, All Is Vanity will finally be available as a physical copy.

I also want to talk about the return of Grimmie Thursday, when videos on her YouTube channel are released. 
An idea we’ve had is — there are a lot of videos that have been taken down, and we finally got all the issues squared away. We’re going to be relaunching a lot of Christina’s cover songs. It’ll be nostalgic for the old fans, and something fresh for the new fans! [Ed. note: today, Sept. 13, marks the reinstating of the series.]

Will there be any never-before-seen content?
Keep your eyes open, yes!

Awesome. What can we expect from the CD version of the digital album?
Well, it’ll have her favorite photo shoot, the last one she did. As a lot of her fans know, she was a stickler for the fancy photo shoots because she always just wanted to wear a t-shirt and video game hat! But this one, I remember her raving about. She loved the photographer and how good he was with her, and the work they did. I think everyone will really like the photos.

You can read the entire interview on website.