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How everything works

If you want to add new post, you can press either button 1 and select Post or button 2 which will redirect you to Dashboard page.

1 brings you to the list of articles that are already posted or that are in draft – (waiting for publishing).

2 brings you to the menu where you disable 5 things that are kinda useless – see next picture

Uncheck Excerpt, send trackbacks, custom fields, discussion and slug. Then press Screen options again to close it.

Now you can start writing your articles. Name your article, feel free to use headings as you need. If you want to add photo / picture – press Add Media. From here, you can either upload your file or choose from already uploaded files.

When you upload your file it will appear in Media Library. You will be able to choose it and add it to the post.

As far as attachment display settings goes, Alignment is up to you, Link to should be set to either None or Media File (this depends on you, if the picture is small there is no need to link it to the media file), and size is up to you. The website itself doesn’t support big resolutions, so large is the best option, and if it is not readable or something, you can set “Link to” to Media file. Now when someone clicks at it, the picture will load in full size.


This is how the added picture looks like.

When you want to add multiple pictures, you can create a gallery. You do that by choosing Add Media and Create gallery (1). Now you can either upload photos or choose from existing ones. Gallery is used to multiple files, you choose them with Ctrl.

This’s how gallery looks like. If you need to preview your post, which you should :P, before publishing – press Preview (1). New tab will open with the page preview.

And that’s how it looks like.


Last note about Twitter integration. This website automatically Tweets about newly published articles. I set the automatic message to “Name of the article” article by “@twitter username” is now available at “page link” #TeamGrimmie. – This message is sent automatically, but you can edit on the right side before publishing. The template for the message is “#title# article by #account# is now available at #url# #TeamGrimmie”, which corresponds to the message I mentioned. If you have any question regarding that, feel free to ask me, I’ll try to explain it in the best understandable way possible :)


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