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New album “All Is Vanity” release date revealed!

Hey guys! Just when you thought it can’t be better, Billboard released an article talking about Side B EP release. BUT!

They mentioned an album called “All Is Vanity” that will be released on June 2nd (postponed to June 9th),  the National Gun Violence Awareness Day!

All Is Vanity will be a full-length LP and it will include songs from Side B EP.

The article also mentioned that the Grimmie family has a surprise for us and they will make a special announcement on The Voice on April 25 at 8 PM EST (2 AM CEST)



Side B is out!

Side B is finally out. 


I know all of you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Enjoy every single second of it!

Please remember to share it with your family & friends, request to play it on your local radio stations, place flyers around around city and share it on your socials ♥

Song list:

  1. I Only Miss You When I Breathe (lyrics)
  2. Invisible (lyrics)
  3. The Game (lyrics)
  4. I Won’t Give Up (lyrics)

Here are the links:


You can start your Spotify playlist stream from here:

Side B release date announced!

April 21st 2017


The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally announced! Christina’s Side B comes out on April 21st and I don’t even need to mention that it is gonna be amazing!

If you are a member of a Street Team, remember what your role is. When Side B comes our, share it on your social media profiles, tell your friends that they should check it, print some flyers and place them around your city – there’s a ton of options what to do :)

And even if you’re not Street Team member, if you do anything that will make Side B more successful, your work will be greatly appreciated ♥


Bittersweet celebration

Happy 23rd birthday to an angel who returned to heaven…

A daughter, sister, niece, friend, inspiration for people worldwide, a person with an angelic voice – Christina was taken from all of us way too soon and her birthday will forever carry a bitter feeling of her not being here to celebrate it with us anymore, as well as the sweetness of the cakes and pies we’ve been making to celebrate her birthday FOR her. Fans and friends all over the world have lighted their candles, practiced their cooking skills, created drawings, repped their merch, blew up balloons, talked to the sky and have written birthday messages in honor of Christina. Some of us even organized events or mini parties, holding a Grimmie marathon.

No matter how we’re celebrating the day she started her inspirational life on this planet, it naturally cannot fill the void her leave left inside all of us. Today, and the coming years from now on, will be a bittersweet celebration for one of the sweetest people who have inhabited this planet. Happy 23rd birthday, Christina – may you be watching over all of us and raising your glass (of soda, duh ;)) with us up there in heaven. 💚

With love,
Your frands.


Billboard posted this video on their Facebook page. 💚


Invisible MV on YouTube

Invisible music video in now on YouTube! It is absolutely amazing, almost as if it was supposed to be a part II of Tell My Mama.

Video description also mentions “Side B EP: COMING SPRING 2017”!

Christina will have her 23rd birthday tomorrow, give her a gift – watch the music video, share it with your friends, buy Invisible on iTunes

YouTube video description:

Introducing the world premiere of the official video for INVISIBLE. As many of you know, Christina LOVED video games and had a special fondness for anime. We created this video as a special tribute to honor that love and her desire to always bring light and love into the heart of others.

We love you #TeamGrimmie – The Grimmie Family

Animations by @GiantPancake.

Invisible is released!

Hey guys, it’s been roughly 4 hours since Invisible release in U.S., which means it’s our time to make it shine! Tell your friends about it, call your local radio station and ask them to play it or whatever you can come up with – be creative :)

If you’re going to tweet about it, don’t forget to use #Invisible #CGForever.

Buy Invisible on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Update: Google Play

Lyric video: