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Bittersweet celebration

Happy 23rd birthday to an angel who returned to heaven…

A daughter, sister, niece, friend, inspiration for people worldwide, a person with an angelic voice – Christina was taken from all of us way too soon and her birthday will forever carry a bitter feeling of her not being here to celebrate it with us anymore, as well as the sweetness of the cakes and pies we’ve been making to celebrate her birthday FOR her. Fans and friends all over the world have lighted their candles, practiced their cooking skills, created drawings, repped their merch, blew up balloons, talked to the sky and have written birthday messages in honor of Christina. Some of us even organized events or mini parties, holding a Grimmie marathon.

No matter how we’re celebrating the day she started her inspirational life on this planet, it naturally cannot fill the void her leave left inside all of us. Today, and the coming years from now on, will be a bittersweet celebration for one of the sweetest people who have inhabited this planet. Happy 23rd birthday, Christina – may you be watching over all of us and raising your glass (of soda, duh ;)) with us up there in heaven. 💚

With love,
Your frands.


Billboard posted this video on their Facebook page. 💚