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AXS & Glamour interview

Christina recently gave two interviews, first one to AXS and the second to Glamour. You can have a look of what she was talking about, and then read the original post on AXS or Glamour websites.


“Whether she’s lighting up the concert stage with her immaculate voice, striving for a Penta Kill in League of Legends, binging on “Friends” episodes on Netflix, noshing on ravioli to refuel, or just being her goofy YouTube self, Christina Grimmie radiates an infectious charisma that is genuine and absolutely endearing.

Her fans are more than music enthusiasts, they are devoted Grimmie activists who help Christina accomplish some pretty amazing goals. Recently, the members of Team Grimmie helped their idol become a champion when she won the Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star competition.

“I’ve never been in a contest that was so fan involved before,” Christina told AXS in a recent interview. “Basically, the fans would vote and whoever’s fans voted the most, that person won. We came out on top, so they really just came through for me, but it was very nerve-racking. On that last day of voting, I literally looked at the computer for about seven hours straight, just following everyone who voted. I was scrolling… click, scrolling… click, scrolling… click, the whole day!”

And that’s the kind of relationship that Grimmie has with her fans. Sometimes they help her and she gives back, but mostly, she’s just always open, honest, and generously giving of herself and her supporters respond by showing their appreciation. “


Read more at the original AXS article


“Glamour: Congrats on the Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star! How’d you celebrate when you heard you won?
Christina Grimmie: Thank you! I was such a fan of everyone in the top five. My family and I did one of those at-home celebrations. I freaked out when my manager called to tell me. I don’t know what on earth I was thinking because I can’t remember it, but I was jumping around and did a lap around my house. [Laughs] I had no idea how that happened, but I thank my fans for being so persistent.

Glamour: You’ll open the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas in September. Have you started planning it?
Christina: I haven’t stopped thinking about it! One of my favorite bands in the world right now is Walk the Moon and they are playing [at iHeart]. I went to see them in Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago and they were amazing. I’m so excited. I’m their biggest fan.”

Read more at the original Glamour article

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