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It’s been awhile…

Hey guys.. I chose this title because, as you might have guessed, it’s how Think of You, one of my favorite songs of hers, starts..

One year ago today, we lost our little elf princess. Since then, a lot of stuff happened. We won Teen Choice Award for her, the trophy that she always wanted ♥, we saw the release of Ballad of Jessica Blue, also, The Matchbreaker came out, we were there for the Invisible release, Side B release and yesterday, All Is Vanity came out. She would be so proud of us all, the support we have shown is phenomenal and I would like to say thanks to every single one of you who has been here for her 💚.

Now comes the question, what should we do today? Should we be mourning? I’d say no. We should celebrate the life she lived.

Personally, I will wear my Team Grimmie T-Shirt for today, I’ve also been waiting for today to finally see The Matchbreaker and at the end of the day I’ll light a candle for her.

Today is going to be hard, but remember, she is always in our hearts.

With Love, me..

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