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Teen Choice results and conclusion

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Teen Choice Awards, the contest that Christina always wanted to win. Yesterday, the dream finally came true.
Although there were some controversy about the way the results were presented.
They never mentioned her category during the show, they didn’t even mention her in “Stop gun violence tribute“, which was the perfect spot to honor her in front of the audience. In my opinion, TeenChoice lost a huge audience because of those actions. Washington Post wrote an article about this issue and Billboard reached out to Fox and the Teen Choice Awards for comment.
Nevertheless, Christina won and that’s what matters the most. I’m sure that she would be so thankful for it.

Mark was streaming on Twitch, this is reaction of her parents when they realized that Christina won. 💚



Update August 2: We achieved a spectacular thing. Multiple well-known newspapers wrote about our disagreement of Teen Choice’s way to fail to give a tribute to Christina.

MTV / DailyMail / Cosmopolitan / Billboard / Washington Post / The Huffington Post

Thanks for noticing and addressing this issue.

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