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Vidcon   It’s official, Christina will attend Vidcon 2014 as a special guest ( source: )

Vidcon will take place between 26-28 June 2014 at Anaheim Convention Center. More info at Vidcon’s website

VidCon is for people who love online video. Independent creators, enablers, viewers and supporters of all kinds. The ways that we entertain, educate, share, and communicate are being revolutionized. The creators attending and on-stage at VidCon are central to that revolution. The best part is, we’re having the time of our lives doing it.” – Vidcon website

The Voice TOP 8

The Voice - Season 6Team Grimmie strikes again, Christina is in Top 8 of The Voice. Unfortunately her friends Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer were sent home.

Here are some photos from today’s night.

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

The Voice Live Shows are here! Christina sang Dark Horse originally by Katy Perry. But it’s not all. We can vote for her. The easiest way to vote is to call +18775533706 via skype. It’s free and we can do this 10 times so she gets 10 votes. For other ways see this article

Here’s performance video

And here’s the studio version

Rawwk on \I/