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10 more days until Invisible comes out

Today marks the 10 day countdown to Invisible release! TG Street Team has a special role in this countdown – we will be using #CGForever and #Invisible in our social media posts to promote Christina’s legacy. Feel free to promote her too, use the hashtags, tell about it to your friends, share your favorite photos & videos on Twitter & Facebook.

Invisible is coming out on February 14th, 2017!

TG Street Team

Hey guys, Sarah was teasing about some exciting news. Her last Instagram post revealed information about so called “TG Street Team”. Here is the description of the IG post.

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY TEAM GRIMMIE!! As a part of Christina’s Legacy Project, we’re starting a TG STREET TEAM!
I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about this. More details will be shared on this soon, but for now, the main qualifications to be considered for the positions are you must feel you have enough free time to commit to this, and you possess the drive and desire to promote Christina’s legacy. You will be a part of spreading the news on the ground!

If you want to apply, send an email to
Include: -Your name, age, and closest major city (and how far you live from it)
-In 250 words or less, let us know how Christina has impacted your life, and what you believe best qualifies you to promote her legacy. \|/💚 #CGFOREVER @therealgrimmie

If you want to be part of Christina’s legacy – email them! Let’s show the world that her legacy will be there forever!

Edit February 3, 2017: If you sent your application – check your emails for approval message!

Christina’s store is open

Hello guys, I got pretty amazing news for you. Christina’s store is open again! Her website doesn’t have updated link yet, but I’m sure they will fix it in few days.

Store link:

Here is a list of what you can buy at the moment:


Invisible song teaser

Earlier today, Christina’s friends Lauren and Sarah tweeted about something exciting that will happen on #GrimmieThursday, and the excitement it is.

A teaser to Christina’s new song “Invisible” has been uploaded to her YouTube channel. The song itself will be released on February 14th.

The description of the video also contains message from Christina’s family.

Team Grimmie,

Thank you for all of your support over the years, and patience in the last 6 months. We love you so much. Here is the teaser for the new single “Invisible” by Christina Grimmie. It will be released February 14th, 2017! Stay tuned for more info , and thank you for continuing to support Christina’s legacy.

Happy Grimmie Thursday.

With Love,
The Grimmie family

The Matchbreaker iTunes, Google Play & Amazon release

It’s December 6, which means that The Matchbreaker movie is released on iTunes, Google play and Amazon.

Here is a tweet about what countries will get access today. Few other counties are mentioned on The Matchbreaker’s Twitter, for example, Germany should be covered on Amazon

Links to iTunes store, Google play and Amazon: iTunes store & Google Play & Amazon.

Also, The Matchbreaker soundtrack was also released. You can find it on iTunes and Google Play & Amazon.

If the movie is not released in your coutry, feel free to Tweet them!

The Matchbreaker LA premiere & Streamy’s tribute

Yesterday was a big day, Streamy awards paid tribute to Christina and The Matchbreaker had a premiere in LA.

Let’s start with the tribute. It began with Shane Dawson talking about how he met Christina for the first time and how she impressed him. He spoke about her dream to have one of her songs be someone’s favorite song.

“She might be physically gone now but her music will forever continue to make people feel accepted, not judged, and not alone.”

– Shane Dawson during the Streamy’s tribute

The tribute continued with Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider medley of Christina’s songs and covers that she was famous for. Just A Dream, I Bet You Don’t Curse God, Find Me, Liar Liar, Stay With Me, Advice and With Love were among them. The tribute ended with Christina’s With Love performance from #askgrimmie about With Love album livestream.