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The Voice Battles Tonight

Battles will continue tonight on NBC channel starting 2:00 AM (CET) / 1:00 AM (GMT)

Christina may be there so don’t forget to watch it :)

I know that you guys from Europe may be not able to watch it due to different time, so I’ll will be working on a record of the battles and I’ll put it to youtube channel so you can watch it :)

NBC schedule

Edit: One of our frands sent me this website so we can watch live stream of NBC channel

20th birthday

Hey guys,

it’s official, Christina is 20 today. We wish her the best and good luck in The Voice!

By the way, she also got a tattoo today, and not just one :)

First tattoo

Second tattoo

Second tattoo #2


Hey guys, Christina recently posted status on Facebook, that she is involved in some project, and she wants us to be in it.

So, we have to do just one thing, record a video, as we are talking about relationship between us and her, and then we have to send it to

I’m really looking forward to release of this project video :)

See ya for now!