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Design history of our webpage

This page shows how the design changed over past years. I had to use to track older versions.

22 February 2014

This is the oldest version of our website. At that time it run under url. The reason behind that was that I had a separate language on the main site. This idea was scraped about a month later.


18 December 2014

Roughly at October 2014 I made first big theme switch. I chose green background with some orange elements because of Christina’s favorite colors.

17 November 2015

After summer holidays 2015 I had so little time that I had to abandon project. I wrote my last article, changed theme (I honestly think that there was a header but for some reason, webarchive won’t show it.) and logged out for the “last” time.

22 June 2016

Because of what happened in Orlando, I decided to revamp this project and continue building this website.

17 February 2017

Last update happened in mid February 2017. I asked one of my friends to create a header for my website. It turned out pretty well!

Header by Syntex

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