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All Is Vanity is out worldwide & rawwk fingers pin

All Is Vanity, Christina’s last project just came out and is now available worldwide. 

As usual, I would highly recommend sharing it with your friends and family, the more people knows it the better.

I would like to say big thank you to the entire team behind this, they did a stunning job and I can’t imagine how it could be better ♥


  1. Sublime (lyrics)
  2. Steady Love (lyrics)
  3. Invisible (lyrics)
  4. Crowded Room (lyrics)
  5. Everybody Lies (lyrics)
  6. Pressure (lyrics)
  7. Maybe I (lyrics)
  8. Echo (lyrics)
  9. I Only Miss You When You Breathe (lyrics)
  10. The Game (lyrics)

You can buy & stream it here:

And here’s a direct Spotify playlist

Also, rawwk fingers pin that so many of us wanted is finally in Christina’s store so go check it out!


Side B is out!

Side B is finally out. 


I know all of you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Enjoy every single second of it!

Please remember to share it with your family & friends, request to play it on your local radio stations, place flyers around around city and share it on your socials ♥

Song list:

  1. I Only Miss You When I Breathe (lyrics)
  2. Invisible (lyrics)
  3. The Game (lyrics)
  4. I Won’t Give Up (lyrics)

Here are the links:


You can start your Spotify playlist stream from here:

Side B release date announced!

April 21st 2017


The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally announced! Christina’s Side B comes out on April 21st and I don’t even need to mention that it is gonna be amazing!

If you are a member of a Street Team, remember what your role is. When Side B comes our, share it on your social media profiles, tell your friends that they should check it, print some flyers and place them around your city – there’s a ton of options what to do :)

And even if you’re not Street Team member, if you do anything that will make Side B more successful, your work will be greatly appreciated ♥


10 more days until Invisible comes out

Today marks the 10 day countdown to Invisible release! TG Street Team has a special role in this countdown – we will be using #CGForever and #Invisible in our social media posts to promote Christina’s legacy. Feel free to promote her too, use the hashtags, tell about it to your friends, share your favorite photos & videos on Twitter & Facebook.

Invisible is coming out on February 14th, 2017!

TG Street Team

Hey guys, Sarah was teasing about some exciting news. Her last Instagram post revealed information about so called “TG Street Team”. Here is the description of the IG post.

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY TEAM GRIMMIE!! As a part of Christina’s Legacy Project, we’re starting a TG STREET TEAM!
I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about this. More details will be shared on this soon, but for now, the main qualifications to be considered for the positions are you must feel you have enough free time to commit to this, and you possess the drive and desire to promote Christina’s legacy. You will be a part of spreading the news on the ground!

If you want to apply, send an email to
Include: -Your name, age, and closest major city (and how far you live from it)
-In 250 words or less, let us know how Christina has impacted your life, and what you believe best qualifies you to promote her legacy. \|/💚 #CGFOREVER @therealgrimmie

If you want to be part of Christina’s legacy – email them! Let’s show the world that her legacy will be there forever!

Edit February 3, 2017: If you sent your application – check your emails for approval message!