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The Last Article

6/11/2016 – Due to recent events, I decided to come back and keep this website updated.

Hi everyone,

after really long time on inactivity I decided to post an article, the last one.

I took a break during summer, but when I though that I might get back to it I realized that I won’t have enough time.

Now comes the time to say goodbye to everyone who I talked, shared info and had great time with. I was an amazing experience!

I’d like to say thanks to each and every one of you that visited this website and found what they were looking for.

My special thanks goes to Sawdah (@CVGUpdates) for being supportive whenever it was needed!


Thanks again and as Christina would say, you rawwwk!


ps: if someone is interested in keeping the blog updated, feel free to contact me via my twitter.


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