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New music recently appeared on PHYNX’s Youtube channel. It was recorded before The Voice. According to PHYNX’s tweet, he will release lyrics video in a few days.

Edit (12 July): Since the video is no longer public, we uploaded the song so you can listen to it.



Lyrics released.

I feel your gravity I don’t know what’s happening
my heart’s feelin like it’s caught inside
Thoughts reelin at the thought that I
Might lose or might have to choose
One small step might be to my death
Or maybe one giant leap on the moon
But that’s when rings are made
that’s when things are shaped our worlds are about to meet
Nah It ain’t the big bang but we plannin big things so go ahead and tell ur friends

Now I can’t stop
Thinking of you
Just can’t stop
dreaming of you
You give me love

Two Worlds Collide
Straight into my heart
Hit me faster than a shooting star
Time stood still
A love explosion
Knock me back
Off of my feet
Spin me around
Out of reality
You pull me
I’m Lost in time
When Our Worlds Collide

So new, How you make me feel
I thank you, for a love so real
Like the Milky Way
In the Galaxy
This cosmic energy
Has got a hold on me

We movin over we shooting over
You flew in closer you can be my supernova

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