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Inauguration event is almost here, auction & Grimmie Thursday

Hey! What’s up guys ^^


Christina’s team is working hard on the foundation inauguration event that takes place in LA on October the 25th.

First of all, the long awaited All Is Vanity physical copy ($15) is now available in store! But that’s not all, they also released Lucas plush toy ($20) and All Is Vanity t-shirt ($25).

If you want all those items, you can buy them in a bundle for $55.

Also, there’s an auction where you can buy some of Christina’s personal items, such as the Find Me leather jacket or one of Christina’s keyboards. If you wish to participate in this auction, you can find more here. The proceeds go to Christina Grimmie Foundation.

And last but not least, new Grimmie Thursday video has been released, this time it is Miley Cyrus medley originally posted on May 2nd 2010.




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