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All Is Vanity is out worldwide & rawwk fingers pin

All Is Vanity, Christina’s last project just came out and is now available worldwide. 

As usual, I would highly recommend sharing it with your friends and family, the more people knows it the better.

I would like to say big thank you to the entire team behind this, they did a stunning job and I can’t imagine how it could be better ♥


  1. Sublime (lyrics)
  2. Steady Love (lyrics)
  3. Invisible (lyrics)
  4. Crowded Room (lyrics)
  5. Everybody Lies (lyrics)
  6. Pressure (lyrics)
  7. Maybe I (lyrics)
  8. Echo (lyrics)
  9. I Only Miss You When You Breathe (lyrics)
  10. The Game (lyrics)

You can buy & stream it here:

And here’s a direct Spotify playlist

Also, rawwk fingers pin that so many of us wanted is finally in Christina’s store so go check it out!

Mark also posted this IG photo, it’s definitely worth checking

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