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Interview with Christina’s brother on Elvis Duran show, new merch, and full EP out in March

Marcus was interviewed by Elvis Duran show today. He talked about Christina Grimmie Foundation, the money from Invisible will go into it, they are still searching for the best way where to allocate it. If you want to make a donation, you can do it here.

They also added two new shirts to Christina’s official store, you can check em out here:


Marcus said that they have about 60 vocally finished songs. The website of the Elvis Duran show also mentioned that the full EP of Christina’s unreleased song is supposed to come in March, which would be amazing! ( My guess would be March 12th – Christina’s 23th birthday )

You can listen to the part of the interview here. ( it’s about 4 minutes long, the interview, excluding the song lasted for about 8 minutes )

They they played Invisible.

Now, while I’m aware that this is publicly accessible, I hope you all understand that this won’t help with iTunes/Spotify and other music charts. I strongly recommend you to buy Invisible when it comes out tomorrow. Remember, the money will go to the Christina Grimmie foundation, we all want to support that.


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