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TG Street Team

Hey guys, Sarah was teasing about some exciting news. Her last Instagram post revealed information about so called “TG Street Team”. Here is the description of the IG post.

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY TEAM GRIMMIE!! As a part of Christina’s Legacy Project, we’re starting a TG STREET TEAM!
I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about this. More details will be shared on this soon, but for now, the main qualifications to be considered for the positions are you must feel you have enough free time to commit to this, and you possess the drive and desire to promote Christina’s legacy. You will be a part of spreading the news on the ground!

If you want to apply, send an email to
Include: -Your name, age, and closest major city (and how far you live from it)
-In 250 words or less, let us know how Christina has impacted your life, and what you believe best qualifies you to promote her legacy. \|/💚 #CGFOREVER @therealgrimmie

If you want to be part of Christina’s legacy – email them! Let’s show the world that her legacy will be there forever!

Edit February 3, 2017: If you sent your application – check your emails for approval message!

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