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GoFundMe has ended

Support The Grimmie Family on GoFundMe page has ended. We managed to raise more than $200k over the course of past 30 days with 8120 people donating.

Thanks to every single one of you who donated, you showed the power of Team Grimmie.

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“The outpouring of love and generosity that has been displayed to our family throughout these last few weeks has far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. As we have always known, Christina’s life was so very special, not only to us, but to everyone she touched with her joyful heart, beautiful voice and love for life and the Lord. Words cannot express what the many memorials, donations and tributes shared by Christina’s fans and those in the media and entertainment industry mean to us. She will live on in our hearts forever. We will take our time in determining the best ways to honor Christina moving forward. Thank you.” – Bud, Tina and Marcus Grimmie


Words cannot begin to describe the pain I am feeling. I learned this business through the eyes of a father and Christina was like a second daughter to me. All I wanted to do was assist her in achieving her musical dreams while protecting her from the pitfalls associated with the business. I never could have imagined this horrific event being one of the pitfalls needing to be avoided. In Christina’s honor I have created a Go Fund Me page to assist her family in their time of need. As family Mother, Father, and Brother made the ultimate family sacrifice to support Christina on her musical journey. They did nothing but love her and support her as family the best they knew how, the only worry I want them to have at this point is that of recovery.

Grimms I love you, and miss you beyond comprehension.

– Brian Teefey, LH7 Management

(Account created by Laura Worley w/LH7 Management)


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  1. Alonso García Solís

    I LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!! I love all your videos, your music, your covers, your voice!! I know that you’re in a better place , Here we can’t stop crying for you! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU CHRISTINA! Thank you for all your covers, your music, your videos, your love, THANK YOU FOR ALL CHRISTINA. You’re such INSPIRATION to me and so many! God bless you! I thank God for your life! WE ARE WITH GRIMMIE FAMILY! We love y’all!! God bless y’all!!

  2. Artur

    We did it!! I am so happy, that some fund will go to Christina’s Family and help to believe, that there are still people “with love” and ready to help.


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